Ticketing Information and Discounts Scheme

2022-23 Concert Season Booking Guide

40% Discount

Holders of valid full-time Student Card* (each holder of local Student Card or Macao resident with overseas student card), holders of valid Macao Senior Citizens Card or Disability Assessment Registration Card

^ Only limited to tickets at second lowest price and lowest price. Each cardholder can only acquire one discounted ticket per performance.

20% Discount

Holders of BOC Credit Cards# or BOC Cards, the MasterCard/VISA/UnionPay cardholders of BCM Bank, OCBC Wing Hang Bank, Tai Fung Bank, Luso Bank or BNU Bank

Holders of valid Macao Teacher Card*

Holders of Air Macau boarding pass##

Friends of the Macao Museum of Art (MAM)

Friends of Macao Cultural Centre (CCM)

Friends of Macao Orchestra

Friends of Macao Chinese Orchestra

# The offer is only applicable to holders of BOC Multi-Currency Credit Card or BOC Card (debit card) issued by Bank of China Limited (Macau Branch), but not applicable to holders of BOC or Tai Fung Bank Credit Card issued by BOC Credit Card (International) Limited.
## Holders of Air Macau boarding pass (flight code NX) with destination identified as Macao (MFM), within 7 days after the flight’s arrival, purchasing any number of tickets through the Macau Ticketing Network.

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